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    Early Dismissal Drill for Friday, October 5, 2018

    Dear Parent/Guardian:


    School districts in New York are required to have an Early Dismissal Drill on an annual basis.  The Pawling Central School District has scheduled its test of the state-mandated Early Dismissal Drill for Friday, October 5, 2018.  The Early Dismissal Drill allows for preparation for severe weather conditions, unexpected building problems (e.g., loss of power or heat), or other unforeseen circumstances.  During an actual emergency, parents would be notified via our SchoolMessenger Notification System and announcements on the District’s website.

    As a result of this drill, students will be released 15 minutes earlier than their scheduled dismissal time on Friday, October 5th, in order to test the early dismissal response of our District’s Emergency Management Plan.  Please make appropriate arrangements for this early dismissal drill and the fact that your child may arrive home earlier or later than normal as a result of the drill.

    The Early Dismissal Drill is part of our ongoing effort to ensure a safe and secure school environment.  If you have any questions about the specifics of this drill, please contact your school principal.



    William M. Ward

     William M. Ward, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools


    P. S.:   The Camp Herrlich after-school child care programs at PES and PMS will operate on its regular schedule with students accepted immediately before the Early Dismissal.  Students participating in after-school activities and sports practices will leave the building and re-enter following the directions of school staff members.



    Estimado Padre/Tutor:

    Los distritos escolares en Nueva York están obligados a tener un Ejercicio de Despido Temprano anualmente.  El Distrito Escolar de Pawling ha programado su prueba de Ejercicio de Despido Temprano, ordenado por el estado, para el viernes 5 de octubre 2018.  El Ejercicio de Despido Temprano permite la preparación para condiciones climáticas severas, problemas de construcción inesperadas (por ejemplo, pérdida de electricidad o calefacción) o otras circunstancias imprevistas.  Durante una emergencia real, los padres serán notificados a través de nuestro Sistema de Notificación SchoolMessenger y anuncios en el sitio web del Distrito.

    Como resultado de este ejercicio, los estudiantes serán despachados 15 minutos antes de su horario fijo de salida, el viernes 5 de octubre, para poder ejecutar la respuesta del despido temprano del Plan de Manejo de Emergencias de nuestro Distrito.  Por favor tome los arreglos apropiados para este ejercicio de despido temprano y el hecho de que su hijo puede llegar a casa más temprano o más tarde de lo normal como resultado del ejercicio.

    El Ejercicio de Despido Temprano es parte de nuestro esfuerzo continuo para asegurar un ambiente escolar seguro y protegido.  Si usted tiene algunas preguntas sobre los detalles de este ejercicio, por favor comuníquese con su director de escuela.



    William M. Ward

     William M. Ward, Ed.D.

    Superintendente de Escuelas


    P.S.:       El programa de cuidado infantil después del horario escolar en PES (escuela primaria de Pawling) y PMS (escuela de medio de Pawling) del Campamento Herrlich, operará en su horario regular y los estudiantes serán aceptados inmediatamente antes de Despido Temprano.  Los estudiantes que participen en actividades extracurriculares y prácticas deportivas saldrá del edificio y volverán a ingresar siguiendo las instrucciones del personal de la escuela.

    Pawling Central School District
  • Managing School Notifications


    Pawling CSD uses the SchoolMessenger callout service to contact you about emergencies, school closings, and early dismissals, as well as to remind you about school activities and important dates. As we look to reduce the paper we send home, we will be increasingly using SchoolMessenger to email forms and pertinent school and district information.

    SchoolMessenger has recently upgraded their system and it will now be even easier for parents and guardians to set their notification preferences and to add additional contact information to the system. 

    How do I sign up for the SchoolMessenger App?

    Pawling Central School District

    Attention Parents,
    On Friday morning,  June 8, 2018,  Pawling Elementary School practiced a lockdown drill. Students and staff will continue to debrief and update safety procedures with each drill. Thank you all for your cooperation.
    Pawling Elementary
  • New Student Registration

    New Student Registration for Scholastic Year 2018-19
    Parents/Guardians, please call the registrar's office at (845) 855-2658 to schedule an appointment to register your child once you have the registration packet completed and all required documents are gathered.  Registrations are held at the District Office
    at 515 Route 22, Pawling, NY 
    ​Monday through Friday ​
    from 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM.
    Thank you. 
    Nuevo Registros de Estudiantes Para el Año Escolar 2018-19

    Padres/Tutores, por favor llamen a la oficina del registro al (845) 855-2658 para agendar una cita para registrar a su hijo/a tan cuanto haya completado el paquete de registración y tenga reunido todos los documentos necesarios. Las matrículas se llevan a cabo en la Oficina del Distrito situado en 515 Ruta 22, Pawling, NY de
    lunes a viernes entre 8:00 AM y 11:30 AM.
    Muchas gracias.
    Pawling Central School District

    Attention Parents,
    On Monday afternoon,  April 9, 2018,  Pawling Elementary School practiced a lockdown drill. Students and staff will continue to debrief and update safety procedures with each drill. Thank you all for your cooperation.
    Pawling Elementary

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Elementary Newsletters

Pawling Elementary School Newsletter  September 2018

Greetings from Pawling Elementary School!  We have had a busy summer!  Our buildings and maintenance staff have been cleaning and preparing classrooms for our opening day for students, which is WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th.  Please understand that because of final hallway waxing and prepping, we cannot accommodate visitors to tour the building during the last week of summer (August 27 – August 31).

Our elementary school follows an A – F schedule, which is the same as the middle and high school.  The first day of school will be an “A” day.  Please note, that if there is ever a snow day or a holiday during the week, the scheduled letter day just moves to the next day that students are in attendance. 

We are excited to introduce some new staff members and new assignments at Pawling Elementary School:

Ms. Nicole Hesari – 4th grade teacher                                  

Ms. Jaqueline Fama – Special Education

Ms. Kelly Mastrogiovanni – Special Education                   

Mr. Keith Yungel – Physical Education (move from high school)

Ms. Amanda Grabowski – Special Education (move from middle school)

 Instrumental Lessons for our 4th graders

As was discussed by Mrs. Alicia Nace at the information meeting held in June, students will have the opportunity to take instrumental lessons while in 4th grade.  Please note that the setup is different than last year.  Lessons will be offered before school at the middle school.  4th grade students who are interested in starting instrument lessons will take the middle school bus earlier in the morning (on their designated lesson day), and have lessons with Mrs. Nace (Pawling M.S. Band instructor) at the middle school during the middle school’s 1st period. A bus will then transport them to the elementary school after their lesson to start their day at 9a.m. in the elementary school.   Lessons will be offered once every 7 or 8 days.  4th grade parents can contact Mrs. Nace at with additional questions.

 Reminders as we start the school year:

  • Morning Arrival and Parent Drop off: It is important to not drop children off at school before 8:45 a.m. each day. Please note, a school bell rings each day at 8:45a.m. signifying that buses may unload, and students may be dropped off at the crosswalk by parents going through the parent drop off line.  The parent drop off line is painted “orange” and is the designated path for parents to follow when dropping off their children.  There is a coned area at the end of the orange line, with staff on duty to assist and welcome your child to school each morning.  Please remember that the front parking lot is “one-way” during parent drop off in the morning.  The parent drop off area consists of a single lane of cars.  For safety reasons, please remember to drive slowly, and do NOT pass this line of cars that are dropping off children.  Even if you parked and walked your child into the building and/or had an early meeting in the school, you must go through this line to exit the parking lot.  The line moves very quickly (and smoothly) when everyone cooperates. The school day officially starts at 9a.m. 
  • If you need childcare before or after school please contact our on-site child care provider, Camp Herrlich at (845) 855 – 2162 or (845) 878-6662. You can find information for Camp Herrlich on our elementary school website, or by contacting them via phone or at Camp Herrlich will also be running some afterschool extension clubs and workshops at the elementary school this year.  (More information will follow).
  • Afternoon Parent Pick Up: Students will be dismissed to parent pick-up at 3:15p.m.  Parent pick up is located in the back of the building.  Please park in the front parking lot and walk to the parent pick up hallway in the back of the building.  You will be asked to show photo I.D. in order to pick up your child.  We cannot accept telephone calls requesting children to be sent to parent pick up.  We must have a written note.  Please send a note with your child in the morning with your child’s full name, teacher’s name, the date and a parent’s signature if your child is being picked up.  The doors to parent pick up close at 3:30 p.m. 
  • Bus Changes: Please note that most of our buses are at or near capacity.  We are unable to accommodate bus changes on a daily basis unless an emergency situation exists.  If there is a predictable change in a child’s transportation schedule (i.e. one day per week child is to be dropped off at a relative’s house for childcare), requests such as these must be made to the bus transportation office (#855 – 4640).  **Please note that as bus drivers (and students) get used to bus routes and stops, buses may be a bit late for pick up and drop off on  the first few days of school.**
  • Emergency Contact information: Please be sure to fill out a change of address form (found on our district’s website) if you have any changes to your address.  It is crucial that we always have accurate emergency contact information.  This information must also include anyone else that you authorize to pick up your child(ren) at school.  It is extremely important that our school has on file any legal custody information specific to your child(ren).  Please also remember that when anyone picks up your child at school, they will need to show photo I.D.  Please contact the main office if you have any questions.
  • Important Health Office Information:   Please be aware that ALL medications that need to be taken during school hours must be delivered to school (by an adult) with a medical note from the physician, the actual prescription, and specific instructions.  Medications and prescriptions from the previous school year and/or expired medications are not valid.  If you have any questions about medications and/or required physicals, please contact our school nurse, Lisa Rywalt, at #855 – 4652.
  • Please put your name on all of your child’s belongings. Check your child’s backpack each day for “backpack mail”.  Notices and information from the teacher and our school will be put in your child’s backpack on a regular basis. 
  • Please be sure that you are signed up for SchoolMessenger (our emergency alert system for delays, cancellations and other important notifications). If you have questions about your account, please call Joan Roberts at (845) 855 - 4695.

 Upcoming Open Houses:  You are cordially invited to attend our open houses where you have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and learn some important general information about classroom curriculum and expectations.  Our Kindergarten/1st Grade Open House is set for Tuesday, September 11th, and our 2nd/3rd/4th Grade Open House is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12th.  We will have displays from various local organizations and support staff in the gymnasium for parents to visit from 6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. and teacher presentations in their classrooms will occur from 7:00 p.m. – 8 p.m. each night. 


September Dates to Remember

September 5                             1ST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS!! – an “A” Day

September 10                           No School – Rosh Hashanah

September 11                           Grades K – 1 Open House, 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

September 12                           Grades 2 – 4 Open House, 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

September 19                           No School – Yom Kippur



Important Upcoming Calendar Dates to Remember

October 4                    PTA meeting @ 7 p.m.

October 5                    Early Dismissal Drill

October 8                    No School – Columbus Day

October 22                  Elementary School Picture Day